2014 wk52

Our entry of 15 dogs at LKA for judge Sue Finett was reduced by absentees to twelve, with just three males being shown all in the Open class. However, we did not get into the ring until about 5pm, even though our judge was expected, both by our exhibitors and the chief steward, to judge FS before her second breed, Deerhounds. Our expectations were not realised due to the judging of two previous breeds in our allotted ring taking much longer than expected – resulting in apologies from the chief steward and the judge, although neither of them was at fault. The winner of the Open dog class, and therefore the DCC, with subsequently BoB, was Robert Greaves Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere, with the DRCC being awarded to Irene Slater and Theo Hardwick’s Valokki Soren. With nine bitches being shown, in six classes there was a challenge of six for the CC which was won by Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela Cavill’s Ch Toveri Pimu. The BRCC was awarded to T Oona owned by the owners of Pimu, plus David Cavill. BP was Steve and Alison Piearce’s Sukunimi Tiger Rosie.

If not too late, I should like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and successful New Year.

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