Rescue Finnish Spitz

June 2024 – We have recently become aware of  a 7 year old Finnish Spitz bitch called Boo who is looking for a new home.  She is a loving friendly bitch who is used to young children and has lived with a cat.  If you may be interested in giving Boo a new home, please read the information and links on this page and then contact David Rolfe for more information – email, tel 01278 423406.

When a breeder sells a Finnish Spitz puppy to a new owner, everyone hopes that this will be for the life of the dog – and in most cases it will be.  However, occasionally the owner may become unable to continue looking after the dog.  This may be for one of a number of reasons e.g. illness of the owner, significant changes in lifestyle, a move to unsuitable accommodation, or emigration.  This page offers advice and contact information for owners who find themselves in such a situation.  It also provides advice and contact information to anyone who may be able to offer a permanent new home to a ‘rescue dog’ or may be particularly looking for an older dog rather than a puppy.

If you are an existing owner of a Finnish Spitz and need to re-home the dog:
first of all contact the breeder (click for contact list) who sold you the dog as they may be able to help
– then, if necessary, contact one or both of the Finnish Spitz breed club rescue contact persons listed below

If you are interested in offering a new home to a ‘rescue’ Finnish Spitz:
– first of all read the information on  The Kennel Club website here
– then contact one or both of the Finnish Spitz breed club rescue co-ordinators listed below

Finnish Spitz Breed Club Rescue Contacts
Under the auspices of the Kennel Club, the  2 UK Breed Clubs for Finnish Spitz (Finnish Spitz Society and Finnish Spitz Club) have each appointed a contact person to deal with enquiries from both existing owners and potential new owners:
– on behalf of the Finnish Spitz Society Mr David Rolfe –  Contact Details
– on behalf of the Finnish Spitz Club Mrs Clare Masters  Contact Details