Finnish Spitz Health Survey

Finnish Spitz Society –  Joint Judges Sub-Committee  – Finnish Spitz Club

In 2012, the Joint Judges Sub-Committee* (JJSC), which consists of 6 elected Committee members (3 from the Finnish Spitz Club and 3 from the Finnish Spitz Society),  instituted a Health Survey questionnaire for the Finnish Spitz breed.  In Summer 2012, this survey was sent to all members of both the Finnish Spitz Society and the Finnish Spitz Club.  A PDF copy of the survey form can be viewed and downloaded HERE.

This health survey is important for the breed and the findings must be included with the Club and Society annual returns to the Kennel Club, not later than July 2013.  The Kennel Club will publish the survey results sometime after that.

Contact Steve Piearce (Chairman of JJSC):  Tel: 01550 777238

Download Health Survey questionnaire  HERE

* Read more about what the JJSC does HERE