Become a member of the Finnish Spitz Society (UK)

The original membership in the Finnish Spitz Society was around 120 members, and as at 31 December 2012 there were 140 members.

Membership is not necessarily restricted to owners of Finnish Spitz. We have a number of members who have an interest in the breed, but do not own any.

A good way of getting to know the Finnish Spitz breed is to join the Finnish Spitz Society. You will receive a number of membership benefits, including:
 –  reduced entry fees at the Society’s dog shows
 –  10% discount on the Society’s shop merchandise
 –  newsletters
 –  a copy of the Society’s Rules containing more information on the breed, and the Society’s activities.

The UK membership fee is £7.50 for a year and this is for either a single adult membership or a joint adult membership with a family member.  Any children under 18 years of age are an additional £2.00 per year if their parent(s) are also members.  Otherwise it is £2.00 per child per year.  UK subscriptions are due on 1st January each year.  For members living outside the UK, the fee lasts for a three year term and costs £22.50.

New members are always very welcome, subject to approval of the Committee.  So if you have a genuine interest in the breed and want to support the work that is done for the Finnish Spitz in the UK then kindly print out and fill in the application form down below and then post it to the Finnish Spitz Society’s Secretary with your first subsciption payment.  For future years’ subscriptions you can either fill in the standing order form and send it to your Bank or set up a standing order via your Bank’s online banking system.

Finnish Spitz Society Membership Application form

Finnish Spitz Society Standing Order form