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An interactive monthly Calendar view of Shows and Events is shown below.  To change month, click on “Prev” or “Next”.  Alternatively click on the arrows alongside “Month” and/or “Year” to make a selection and then click on “Go”.  To see more information about a listed event, hover your mouse above it or click on it for a further link (if available).  Please note that where shows take place over two or more days, only the day with Finnish Spitz classes is shown.

If you prefer to view a List of Shows with additional information including Judges’ names and show location, and with links to download show schedules, see entry closing dates, and enter a show click here

1(Kingston Canine Soc)(Kingston Canine Soc)Fosse Online Entries Close (Leeds City & District)(Leeds City & District)Online Higham/ entries close 2 3(Welsh KC)(Welsh KC)Higham/ online entries closing 4 5 6 7
8 9 10 11(Bournemouth - NO FS CCs)(Bournemouth - NO FS CCs)Higham/ online entries closing 12 13Houndshow 2019 - Hound AssociationHoundshow 2019 - Hound Association 14
15 16 17 18 19 20Spitz in the Park 2019
Spitz in the Park 2019Padworth Village Hall, Reading RG7 4HY
21Kingston Canine SocKingston Canine Soc Spitz in the Park 2019
Spitz in the Park 2019Padworth Village Hall, Reading RG7 4HY
22(City of Birmingham - NO FS CCs)(City of Birmingham - NO FS CCs)Higham/ Online Entries Closing (SW Hound Club)(SW Hound Club)Higham/ online entries closing 23 24(Richmond)(Richmond)Higham/ online entries closing 25 26Leeds City & DistrictLeeds City & DistrictChampionship Show Leeds 27 28
29 30 31        
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