2014 wk26

The weather remained fine and dry for most of the FSS’s show with rain starting during the final class causing a transfer inside for the final ‘best of’ judging. The entry was a modest 33 dogs for judge Mr Reino Korpela (Finland) awarding CCs in FS for the first time in the UK. With six absentees, and one NFC the number judged was rather less than one would have liked for a judge who had had a long journey.

BCC and BIS was Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela Cavill’s Ch Toveri Pimu and RBCC Drew and Susan Littlejohn’s Puulatva Minnie The Minx wae Arcuilean – a recent third CC winner.

DCC was Terry Dalley’s Ch T Markku, also a recent new ch, and the RDCC was Dolores Montgomery’s Pettukangas Karu for T. The only puppies entered were in the bitch class, and BP was T Oona, owned by Mr and Mrs Thompson and Mr and Mrs Cavill.

As the judge speaks little English he was helped where understanding was necessary by one of his travelling companions who speaks good English, and as some aspects of judging as well as the breed Standard on the Continent are a little different from corresponding UK aspects some further assistance was required in the early judging.

For the first time the Society put on special award classes, designed to give experience to a judge from one of the lower judging lists. The judge for these classes was Terry Munro, who had 11 dogs to judge, as competition separate from the main show. It is possible that these classes will be scheduled again by the Society at the open show in October, with minor changes compared with the recent show.

With no more general or group shows until the Houndshow at the beginning of August it seems that the only show related matter is the making of entries – and paying for them! However, if you have any news which I can use to send in more breed notes before early August, please contact me

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