2013 wk47

Abby and I attended Discover Dogs at Earls Court to represent our breed with Abby’s Lightning and Beau. We had a very busy day, with many visitors who came for a variety of reasons. Some were genuinely searching the breeds to find out what breed of dog would suit them, and the visitors to our booth often had Finnish Spitz at or near the top of a shortlist. Others came to see us because they had had a FS in the past, and wanted to see them again. There seemed also to be a significant number of people who have an interest in dogs, but lived in London in a flat where they could not keep a dog – but future plans include a house with a garden. There were also many visitors from overseas, perhaps temporarily living in London as students who were taking an opportunity to visit this large canine event. And, did you know that in Cyprus most families have dogs? That information was thanks to the Greek Cypriot law student currently studying in London who came to the booth.

There was a frequent comment, which I am sure many have heard before “Don’t they look like foxes?” My response usually is that it is foxes who look a bit like Finnish Spitz.

On the Sunday the breed representatives were Brenda Williams and Carol Wedge, and I understand from Tanja Mortimer – who was there both days with Elkhounds – that the day was not quite so busy.

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