2013 wk35

Did you find my breed notes in the issue dated Aug 23? They were printed under the heading Finnish Lapphunds, which I hope did not cause too much confusion among people involved in that breed.

For the final representative show of the year, WKC, we had an entry of 11 dogs for breed specialist judge Brenda Williams, with no absentees. After a fairly long wait for Deerhounds to finish, stretched a bit by judging of specials not in the catalogue, we finally got in the ring, starting with LD – no entries in the lower classes.

DCC was Dolores and David Montgomery’s Toveri Patu by Hakojen, his third at almost six years of age, but he has been very lightly shown. So, we have a new champion in the breed. RDCC was Steve and Alison Piearce’s Sukunimi Koda.

BCC and BOB was Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela Cavill’s Ch Toveri Pimu and RBCC Tanja Mortimer’s Calen Taylor’s T Maikki.

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