2013 wk34

There was confusion at Bournemouth. The postcode for the show ground did not find the show – at least for many people. The schedule contained an error for Finnish Spitz, stating that we had two CCs, when the number has been reduced by the Kennel Club to a single CC for this year and next. Despite the association’s secretary at the time of schedule printing ascertaining that there was an error in the schedule, and publication online and in the canine press of a correction, the error was continued into the catalogue, and on the day the show secretarial staff did not know of the error, and therefore the last minute substitute judge did not know either. Published results online are not therefore in accordance with the true single CC allocation. Apart from the presentation this has not affected the results. Just to round off the confusion our benches were not in the pre-announced tent, and were therefore difficult to find.

Because of the change of judge to Mark Cocozza we were changed to a different ring in which the judge had officiated for an earlier breed, rather than waiting for completion of the Saluki judging. The entry of five dogs were all present, and expecting to have CCs on offer for dogs and bitches a CC and then a RCC were awarded at the conclusion of the dog judging. The CC was awarded to William Croxford’s Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere, handled as usual by Robert Greaves, with my Puulatva The Red Norseman among Inkivaari gaining his second RCC.

BB was Irene Slater and Johanna Mortimore’s Valokki Venla Sisko and RBB Abigail Rolfe’s Enkelini Kesa. BOB was the CC winner.

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