2013 wk12

In my last notes I was able to reveal the small entry of Finnish Spitz at Crufts of just 20 dogs. On the day just 18 were present to be judged by Mr C K Thornton, and none of the entry had come from outside the UK, unlike recent years.

DCC and BOB was Robert Greaves and Nicola and William Croxford’s Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere and RDCC Tony and Linda Byrne’s Ch K Kimi Possible, handled as usual by Stuart Byrne.

BCC was Brian and Clare Masters’ Ch Toveri Neiti and RBCC Drew and Susan Littlejohn’s Puulatva Minnie The Minx wae Arcuilean.

A total of four puppies were shown, three in the bitch class and one dog. BP was Abby Rolfe’s bitch Enkelini Niinkaunis, handled on this occasion by friend Liz Jones, at her first ever dog show.

As usual the Discover Dogs booth was manned on each of the four days by representatives of either the FSS or the FSC. My experience of the Sunday was that many visitors had come to see the dogs at DD, and at times people were queuing to get close to the enclosures.

At recent shows held by the Society and the Club, possibly over nearly ten years people might have been accustomed to seeing David and Anna Drackley’s Sam, usually so well behaved that he did not need to be on a lead. Sam’s last appearance was at the Society’s open show in ’12. Sadly Sam who was much loved and cared for by David and Anna died a few weeks ago at a rather early age. He is remembered in a memorial book showing how much he was loved and how much he enjoyed life.

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