2013 wk16

You will probably be aware that the Houndshow Open had to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. Abigail, who was due to judge both Finnish Spitz and Norwegian Elkhounds, had a phone call about the cancellation and so knew that many judges and a majority of the committee were not able to get to the show.

This was a big disappointment to her as it means that she will not be able to move up to a higher judging list and more importantly, she did not have the opportunity to go over eight FS and nine NE.

The Finnish Spitz Society recently held its AGM, followed by a committee meeting and an enjoyable lunch in a nearby hostelry. At the AGM Jo Mansfield, a long-time committee member, retired and Tony Brown stood down from the committee due to ill health. New members of the committee are Rob Thompson and Brian Price. Rob has taken on the job of Treasurer in place of Tony.

Readers should be aware that Finnish Spitz Society now has a website www.finnishspitzsociety.co.uk and we are now on Facebook as well at www.facebook.com/finnishspitzsociety, as well as the Finnish Spitz Group of Friends. The website and the Facebook sites are attracting a lot of interest with the website recording more than 1,000 hits in its first two months.

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