2012 wk48

Many readers will be able to remember Karl Baron with affection, and will know of his illness over the past four years or so. Sadly I have to report that he died recently. His funeral was held on Friday Nov 16. Karl was a man of many talents, being a retired actor and in canine terms, over a period of at least 40 years, a Finnish Spitz owner, breeder, exhibitor, judge and poet. Many of his poems were amusing, but he could also produce suitable poetry in times of sadness. His last judging appointment was at Blackpool show when he attracted a greater than normal entry for the show. Karl had also, at various times been a member of the Committees of the FSC and the FSS, and until his death was a vice-president of the club. He will be missed by his many friends. Our condolences go to his long term partner Randy.

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