2012 wk45

The curse of falling entries continued to strike at the FSS’s open show. Not only was the entry much less than that of previous years, but the absentees severely reduced the number present for the judge. Some of the absences were already expected, and others were accounted for by good reasons, such as a very recent bereavement, personal illnesses of the exhibitors and bitches in season – don’t they always do it at the wrong time?

The judge was Neville Simms who awarded BIS to Irene Slater and Theo Hardwick’s Valokki Soren and BOS to Ch Toveri Pimu, owned by Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela and David Cavill.

RBD was my Puulatva The Red Norseman among Inkivaari and RBB was Tanja Mortimer and Calen Taylor’s Toveri Maikki. BP was Toveri Tuula, in the same ownership as the BOS, and who is also a daughter of the BOS.

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