Steve Piearce has sent the following for inclusion:

“Nearly six months has now passed since the return date for the Finnish Spitz Health Survey, and unfortunately only around 28% of the questionnaires sent out have been completed and returned. However, what is of particular concern is the apparent limited response received from breeders. For whilst the author of the submitted details is as previously stated anonymous, an uncompleted Reproduction + Fertility section does tend to support this theory.
This health survey is important for the breed, and the findings must be included with the Club and Society returns to the Kennel Club, not later than July 2013.
The Joint Judges Sub-Committee therefore encourage those who have not already done so, to please complete and return the questionnaire to the address stated thereon, to arrive not later than 28th February 2013.
Thanking you in anticipation for your co-operation.

Steve Piearce
Chairman – Finnish Spitz Joint Judges Sub-Committee.”

You can contact Steve on sdpiearce@aol.com if you need a copy.

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