2013 wk05

At Manchester our few FS exhibitors, relying on the order of judging slip sent with passes and probably knowing the numbers of dogs entered, arrived by 10 am expecting that it would be our turn in the ring between 10.30 am and 11 am, only to find that we had been moved from second in the ring to third with no prior warning. Nobody from the Manchester Show Society even bothered  to tell our judge, Ann Arch, who was then sitting at the ringside expecting to judge (second) after Basenjis. Even the ring stewards were confused, not knowing which breed  to expect second.

The breed scheduled to be fourth in the ring was then collecting at the ringside expecting to be next after the breed which was indicated as third. Thanks to the Manchester Dog Show Society Committee!  It would have been nice to have an apology for misleading information, rather than ‘sympathising’ with the exhibitors who would not otherwise have had to leave their homes so early.

Our entry was just 11 dogs, of whom three were absent, and when judging eventually started Mrs Arch awarded the single CC to Drew and Susan Littlejohn’s Puulatva Wee Lassie Wae Arcuilean with RCC going to the BD, Tony and Linda Byrne’s Ch Kunniakas Kimi Possible, handled as usual by Stuart Byrne.

RBD and RBB were Puulatva-bred dogs, my P The Red Norseman among Inkivaari and P Minnie The Minx Wae Arcuilean in the same ownership as the CC winner.  Three puppies were shown, all bitches, and BP was Abby Rolfe’s Enkelini Niinkaunis.

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