I have now had 2 puppy enquiries where I have explained they may need to “wait” for a puppy and both have asked – “Would I be better buying one from abroad then”. Of course that is only 2 that I have spoken with so one must begin to wonder how many others will go this route. I am still stuck in 2 minds as to whether it is a good or bad thing. Great because it could potentially bring in new blood – devastating if it were to bring “bad blood” – dogs with high epilepsy “scores” etc. Would we even find out if new blood had been imported? The people I have spoken with have “only” wanted pets so would they even bother to register it in the uk?  We have bred a number of dogs where the owners haven’t transferred the KC registrations into their own names so I am sure much the same would occur……  As there were only 19 born in the whole country last year you can see why some would be put off waiting as they may fear they will not get one. If only they knew actually how hard it is to find the right homes.  There were also at least 5 Finnish Spitz exported last year. 1 to the USA, 1 to France and 3 to Russia. (I know of another but they chose not to apply for an export pedigree as she would be “just” a pet).

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