Westminster Kennel Club has just finished and the breed had only 1 entry in GCH Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot. The breed judging video has caused some controversy online as “Barkly” was placed upon the table for the judges exam. According to the owner the judge requested it from the handler. Some have been quite vocal that the handler should have disobeyed and left the ring but I think personally with the expense and trouble to attend the show I would not have wished to do so myself. We have had judges here ask for them to be put on the table and thankfully each time the judge has been told we are not a table dog and therefore we are judged as normal. It was very sad to watch in some other breeds / groups some rather harsh handling – dogs yet again being lifted entirely by their tails and heads (not terriers) – others shown on “cheesecutter” leads, pulled around by their jowls and never a kind word spoken. People blame certain documentaries on the “general public” having such a poor opinion of dog show exhibitors yet when faced with such videos it is hard to form any other type of opinion. It is therefore quite refreshing to read the FCI “Basic statement Fit for function” which can be found here http://www.fci.be/circulaires/14-2014-annex-en.pdf which has a lot of great information and particularly the statement on presenting dogs:

“PRESENTATION OF THE DOG It is increasingly common that breeds, standing as well as moving, are presented in the ring on a upstraight and neck-tight leash. This does not promote the welfare of the dog, and moreover it inhibits correct movement and makes natural and breed specific movement impossible to be achieved. A dog should be shown on a loose leash in a natural way with a correct and breed specific movement. Pulling the dog up at the neck and/or tail is prohibited.”

Just to bring it back to our breed (in a VERY broad way) this document was agreed in Helsinki!

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