Last weekend saw the “Winterdays” show which was held in Rovaniemi where the breed judge was MARKKU MÄHÖNEN. He found his BOB winner in Kekkeruusin Ulriikka owned by Saara Kotisaari. She also then went on to win BIS. Harjun Aikku Mocca was Best Puppy and also went BPIS over the other Finnish Spitz breeds. Best Dog was Metsokorven Eppu. I hope I have that right as my interpretation of Finnish leaves a LOT to be desired but there appear to have been around 70 entered. The annual Breeders prize was again awarded to Seppo Peltonen (Hakojen) for the 3rd time and Angela Cavill was presented with a very rare and valuable trophy in acknowledgment of her work for the Finnish Spitz Club of Finland.

I was recently forwarded a link to a video of somebody performing magic for dogs (making a treat disappear) and whilst I feel a little sorry for the dogs their expressions are amazing but amazingly one of the breeds featured was a Finnish Spitz and its reaction? Of course – to bark. You can catch it at http://youtu.be/VEQXeLjY9ak or search “Taikuutta koirille – Magic for dogs”

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