2014 wk39

One of the major advantages of getting my copy of DOG WORLD by post is that it often arrives on Thursday, just in time to prepare and send new breed notes before the deadline on the same day. In this week’s copy I see that there are two FS judging critiques, one from a breed specialist and the other from a non-specialist, who largely judged the same dogs, just one week apart. They clearly have different views of our breed.

I have also seen that Darlington still offers classes for FS, and this year three dogs were entered for Sue Hewart-Chambers, with all present. BOB, the only male entered, was Robert Greaves’ Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere. In bitches the two entered were Drew and Susan Littlejohn’s Puulatva Wee Lassie Wae Arcuilean and Ch P Minnie the Minx Wae A – litter sisters, taking BB and RBB respectively.

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