2013 wk26

For the FSS championship show on Sunday June 16 at Corley Village Hall, near Coventry, a few exhibitors chose to make their entries online using the new entry system recently installed by the printers. The system is not exactly the same as those offered by the main printers and the differences caused a small number of errors. However, the administration fee is only 95p and if entering dogs in more than one ownership they can be linked so that only one fee is payable.

The total entry for Mary Deats was 39 dogs, including one NFC, and there were nine absentees, most of whom were not really expected. The weather was also kind, mostly sunny and with only one tiny shower, which did not affect the outside showing.

BIS was Thompson and Cavill’s Ch Toveri Pimu, winning from VB. RBCC was Clare and Brian Masters’ Ch T Neiti.

DCC was Linda Anderson and Steve and Alison Piearce’s Sukunimi Haway Geordie, his first, with RDCC to Steve’s S Koda.

At present there are no puppies of an age to be shown but I believe there are young puppies who might be showable before the end of the year.

At the show we were able to welcome two couples who have an interest in the breed and want to be able to get their own in due course.

During the show we were able to hold a Joint Judges sub-committee meeting to discuss the updated judging lists and also the breed health survey. The response to the survey was not as good as we would have liked but it does provide interesting data, which probably is not too far different to what we might have expected.

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