2013 wk19

Over an eight-week period starting with WELKS at the end of April seven general Championship shows schedule FS classes, although they do not all offer CCs.

The first of these there was an entry of ten dogs for judge Jean Lanning, of which one was absent. The single CC was awarded to William Croxford’s Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere – now under single instead of joint ownership. The RCC was won by Abby Rolfe’s Enkelini Niinkaunis, an 11-month-old bitch, who was also BP.

RBD was my Puulatva The Red Norseman among Inkivaari and RBB was Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela and David Cavill’s Toveri Piku from Hakojen.

Some of the bitch results were initially wrongly recorded on the Fosse Data website, possibly due to a confusion of ring numbers, but the errors were corrected the next day.

The next show will be the National, with two CCs and a larger entry of 15 dogs for judge Lucy Byrne. I also note that the entry details for SKC have been published, and just six FS are entered. Probably Scotland is too far away for many of our exhibitors with the high costs of fuel.


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