2013 wk01

At LKA the entry for Averil Cawthera-Purdy was probably the fourth best of the year behind only Crufts and the two breed shows. Of the 20 dogs entered just three were absent.

DCC, his second, and BOB was Clare and Brian Masters’ Toveri Peni. He is winning his CCs as a veteran showing that our dogs last well.  RDCC was Terry Dalley’s Toveri Markku.

BCC was Tanja Mortimer and  her son Calen Taylor’s Toveri Maikki, with the RBCC going to Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela and  David Cavill’s Toveri  Piku from Hakojen.

To complete a clean sweep with all Toveri bred dogs T Turo of Lelaps owned by David Knights and John Stokes was BP, beating his litter sister for the honour.

I hope you all have a happy, peaceful and successful new year.

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