Birmingham National saw the biggest entry of the year (so far) for Finnish Judge Hans Lehtinen. He found his CC & BOB in Thompson & Cavill’s CH Toveri Pimu and a crowning CC for Terry Dalleys Toveri Markku. Markku won his CCs under Jeff Horswell, Dolores Montgomery and of course Hans Lehtinen. He also has numerous Res CCs but I must confess to having lost count of those! Res DCC was New Kid on the block making his debut – Pettukangas Karu for Toveri (IMP Finland) owned by Dolores Montgomery and Res BCC to Masters’ CH Toveri Neiti.  Best puppy in Breed was Piearces Sukunimis Antopedean Kiwi.

Entries close soon (hence all of my dogs throwing their coat!) for the Society show where we have a Finnish Specialist judging and of course the Society are the first of the clubs to put on the 3 special awards classes.  More info can be found on the website www.finnishspitzsociety.co.uk

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