Apologies for the lack of notes but with no shows for the breed there is very little to write about.

The World Dog show have now released breed figures for the show and there are 4 Puppies, 73 Males and 88 Females for judges Pekka Teini & Reino Korpela. Entries for all the native Finnish Breeds were free of charge so it has also resulted in an amazing entry of Lapphunds at 526. The fellow Finnish Spitz breeds have 34 PohjanPystykorva entered and 103 Karelian Bear Dogs. I understand quite a few UK Finnish Spitz exhibitors will be there so hopefully they can give us stay at homes an impression of the atmosphere etc.

Hound Association entries have now been published and there is an entry of 12 for Gavin Robertson who is awarding his first set of CCs in the breed.

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