Finnish Spitz Breed Standard book – £5.00

Finnish Spitz Breed Standard book    –  £5.00 "The Finnish Spitz Breed Standard Explained" book. Published in Finland by the SPJ (Spitz Breeds Club of Finland). Written by Mr Antti Aarnio (former Chairman of SPJ) and translated from Finnish by Angela Cavill. Paperback, 60 pages.

"The object of the book is to help the reader develop a clear picture of what the Finnish Spitz is and what it should be. The primary intention of these notes and explanations developed from the Finnish Spitz breed standard, is to introduce new judges as well as those experienced in judging other breeds, to Finland's national breed. The writer hopes that they will also be useful to breeders, exhibitors and owners who wish to understand the finer points of this breed."

Contains many colour photographs and a number of historic black and white photographs and illustrations. Size 17.5 x 25 cm. Weight 172 grams.


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