2014 wk34

Our entry at Bournemouth was just seven dogs for specialist judge Stuart Byrne with one absentee. Being second in the ring we allowed time to get there, arriving somewhat earlier than expected, only to find that the breed before us took much longer than expected.

Eventually we got in the ring, and with only a single CC this was soon awarded to Clare and Brian Masters’ Ch Toveri Neiti, with her father Ch T Peni taking the RCC.

RBD was my Puulatva The Red Norseman among Inkivaari and RBB was Abby Rolfe’s Inkivaari Helli – a grande dame of just over 11 years.

Bournemouth had a number of problems last year, and in my opinion has overcome most of them, except that it would be better not to give a postcode for those using satnav, as it is some way away from the showground in the nearby village – and car parking is rather expensive.

For those who have an avid interest in reading about the Finnish Spitz there is a new book written by Angela Cavill and launched by the FSC at the World Show in Helsinki. The book is The Finnish Spitz – A Cultural History, and consists of 322 pages compiled from Angela’s own records and possessions, as well as other sources. The cost is £35 plus p&p, and further details can be obtained directly from Angela.

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