2013 wk30

Do you have your views on what can be done to boost and improve dog shows? If so, don’t be shy – complete the DOG WORLD survey, either in the paper copy in the July 19 issue of the newspaper or online at www.dogworld.co.uk. If enough exhibitors take the trouble to let their views be known, somebody, eg the Kennel Club, might be persuaded to listen. You have until Aug 23 to think about it and submit your response. Even if the KC does not want to know, individual societies and clubs might be able to take some of your thoughts on board.

I have noted that the current Finnish Spitz leaders of the top stud and top brood show a tie in the dog section, and a sole leader in the bitch section, although in both Finnish Spitz are well behind the overall leaders in both sections, not surprisingly as we have less opportunities to gather the points than the leaders from numerically bigger breeders.

Do you agree with the KC chairman’s view that the allocation of more CCs is not the answer to declining entries? If you do not agree why not let him know? Completion of the survey could be a way

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