2012 wk26

As a result of various distractions over the past few weeks I have not been able to submit any breed notes for which I apologise. The weather has improved recently which means that I have had to cut, or attempt to cut, very long grass – we wouldn’t want any dog to get lost in it, then we are coping with new arrivals, and last, but not least, I am sure many will be aware, through my reporter daughter that I have had a finger injury – to one of my usual two typing fingers.

The most significant event of recent weeks has been the FSS’s championship show.

I am sure that at some time in the past there could have been overseas entries in our breed shows, or possibly not, but this year we were able to welcome Steffen and Steffi Kopsch from Germany with their dog, and also with Maja Smit’s litter sister bitch. Unfortunately, in common with many shows the entry was down, and the absentee rate was too high. The weather was fine enough for outside judging, lasting just long enough, and the entry for Robert Greaves was just 38 dogs, of whom 11 were absent, and one was NFC.

BCC and BOB was Byrne and Bateman’s Ch Kunniakas The Old Rag Doll, making what is I think a rare appearance, handled by Lucy Byrne, also making a rare handling appearance. DCC was Ian and Joseph Byrne’s Kunniakas Whizz Bang Wallop.

RDCC was Brian and Clare Masters’ Toveri Peni and RBCC Rob and Hannah Thompson and Angela Cavill’s Ch Toveri Samppanja, coming from VB, and also winner of progeny.

There was no puppy entry, which is not surprising as no puppies were born last year who would still have been puppies for the show, although two just failed to qualify for the class by two days.

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