2012 wk22

I have details of the entry and results from SKC partly from Ellen Baird and further from Fosse Data. The entry for judge Mark Cocozza was just ten dogs, of whom three were absent. Four of those present had travelled from the Midlands or possibly further South, and the other three live in Scotland.

DCC and BOB was Robert Greaves and Nicola and Will Croxford’s Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere and RDCC Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela Cavill’s Ch Kullervon Arras with Toveri.

BCC was Ch T Pella, in the same ownership as the RDCC, and RBCC went to Drew and Susan Littlejohn’s Puulatva Wee Lassie wae Arcuilean (for those interested ‘wae’ is Gaelic for ‘with’).

Over the next five weeks, at the time of writing, we have five championship shows, at three of which we have no CCs, so we should expect varying entries.

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