2012 wk19

There seems to have been little to write about over the past few weeks, hence the lack of my notes. However, in addition to reporting on our classes at WELKS, I can catch up on a couple of other events. Both the FSS and the FSC have held their AGMs, in each case immediately followed by Committee meetings, and a Joint Judges Sub-Committee meeting. Both Committees are unchanged, and the officers of both are the same as before.

At Hound Association of Scotland, where we still have classes, without CCs, just two litter sisters were shown and Puulatva Minnie The Minx Wae Arcuilean was BOB.

At WELKS, where we have a fairly full range of ten classes, with just a single CC, the entry for Alec Mackenzie was just nine dogs (seven male and two bitches) and no absentees. The CC winner was Robert Greaves and Nicola and Will Croxford’s Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere, and the RCC went to the RBD, Abigail Rolfe’s Enkelini Salama.

The two bitches were Tanja Mortimer and Calen Taylor’s Toveri Maikki taking BB and Robert and Hannah Thompson and David and Angela Cavill’s T Piku with Hakojen as RBB.

I believe there are currently no puppies in our breed old enough to be shown.

At Birmingham National, having just received our passes, I note we have a better entry of 15 dogs making 17 entries. Perhaps this is evidence that two CCs do draw a better entry, although from the CC allocation for 2014 I see that we shall have single CCs at four shows, despite the single CC being abolished, but presumably not until ’15.

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