2012 wk05

Unfortunately an accident on the M6 north somewhere after junction 8 caused a long tailback on the M5 which added at least 40 minutes onto our journey, and meant a late arrival at Manchester on the first day. This meant that my puppy dog and I missed the first class. Delaying the start of judging by 15 minutes was not enough for us. I understand from others that such circumstances usually result in a delay of 30 minutes, which would have been reasonable especially when judging was due to start in all rings at an early time of 9 am.

However, apart from absences of dogs owned and exhibited by members of the Byrnes families and Joan Bateman, the others did get there in good time.

We send condolences to Joan and her family on the death of Les Bateman.

Kari Jarvinen awarded BOB to the bitch veteran winner, Hannah and Rob Thompson and Angela Cavill’s Ch Toveri Samppanja, at almost ten years of age. RBCC was Pam McQuaide’s T Neito.

DCC, his second, went to Betty Eyers’ Puulatva Laird ‘O’ Cock Pen with RDCC going to Ch Kullervon Arras with T, in the same ownership as the BOB.

BP went to Drew and Susan Littlejohn’s P Wee Lassie Wae Arcuilean, described by Drew as ‘the runt’ – we know that there were problems at her birth, and she needed special care from her breeder, Betty Eyers.

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