Badges & Ring Clips


We have the Society’s own enamelled metal logo badge and a small enamelled metal Finnish Spitz pin badge made for the SPJ in Finland.  We also have a star-shaped show ring clip with a Finnish Spitz image.

Finnish Spitz pin badge – £2.00 * SOLD OUT *

Finnish Spitz pin badge    –  £2.00 * SOLD OUT * A small enamelled metal pin badge in the shape of a Finnish Spitz. Orange body with gold coloured trim and reverse. White tail. Removable grip cover over pin. Made in Finland. Weighs 2 grams and measures roughly 2 x 2 x 1cm.


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Finnish Spitz star show ring clip – £3.00 * SOLD OUT *

Finnish Spitz star show ring clip    –  £3.00 * SOLD OUT * A star-shaped metal show ring clip in a gold colour with an image of a Finnish Spitz head in the rounded centre. Grip clip and safety pin on reverse. Size 6 x 6 x 2 cm. Weight 19 grams.


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FSS badge – £1.50

FSS badge    –  £1.50 A round metal enamelled badge with safety pin on the reverse. The front has the Finnish Spitz Society's logo in gold on a pale blue background and the words "Finnish Spitz Society" in gold on a dark blue background. The rim of the front and the whole of the reverse is a gold colour. Diameter 3 cm. Weight 10 grams.


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