FSS Open 2013 Critique

Finnish Spitz Society Open Show 26th October 2013

Judge’s Show Critique by Mrs Hannah Thompson (Toveri)

I was really pleased with my entry and was delighted to finally get my hands on a number of dogs that I have only watched from a distance. I had gone expecting to compromise between type and conformation but thankfully on the day all of my main winners had a good balance.

There were a number of dogs that would benefit from more exercise, this would help not only with movement but feet / nails and maybe show ring behaviour too .Bites on the whole were all good but there were a couple of slightly weaker underjaws.

Puppy Dog – 1st  & BPIS Williams’ Hehkuva Ruupetti – Despite being only 7 months there is no mistaking his gender. Good shape head, ears and eyes when he decided to grace us with good behaviour he showed true and sound movement topped off with a well set and good length of tail.  Very promising.

Junior Dog  – 1st Williams’ Hehkuva Ruupetti
2nd Morris & Phillips’ Enkelini Myrsky – somewhat hard to assess as he obviously wanted to be elsewhere. I do hope his owner perseveres as he is nice for size and bone, has a nice shaped head and ear size and set and a nice outline.

Post Grad Dog – 1st –Ash’s Pihlaja Jani. He really is not the biggest of boys and this was not helped by his lack of coat or body, however in his confirmation he really is quite hard to fault. He has that rare ability of being both square but able to move with reach and drive. Gorgeous Tail, nice eyes and expression though would prefer his ears set a little higher.

Limit Dog – 1st Honisett’s Valokki Vihtori Veli– a dog I have often admired ringside and was pleased to finally get my hands on him. At the top end size wise he is perhaps a tad long in loin but I feel this is what enables him to move so freely in all directions.  Great head proportions from all angles with ears set on high, for perfection I would like a darker eye which would give a slightly softer expression.  He has a great tail set and length, quality coat and colour, good depth of chest and nice angulation. Best Dog & Best in Show.
2nd – Rolfe’s Puulatva the Red Norseman among Inkivaari Another I have often praised but today did nothing to help either himself or his handler.  He is nice to go over and once you get your hands on him he is quite masculine. I would prefer a darker eye as that does tend to spoil his expression but he has a good shaped head with lovely ear and ear set. He is almost square and has a good quality coat. He has a very good tail set and length but perhaps a little on the tight side.

Open Dog – 1st – Piearce’s Sukunimi Koda He is absolutely typical in outline and again no mistaking his gender with good neck and topline. His tail is well set and he is very square. Unfortunately he does like to give his handler a hard time but when settled he shows a light and springy action and very good movement in profile.  He has a great coat colour and texture and a dark eye. Great angles fore and aft and wonderful tight feet. Res BD & RBIS.
2nd – Slater Valokki Soren Another I have always admired but today he was lacking in both coat and body. He is very typical and sound in all ways but I would prefer more of him in every way. His movement was true and sound but I would have liked a touch more drive behind for perfection.  Another with a lovely proportioned head with a pleasing eye and expression. Lovely tail in both length, set and carriage. Great feet and in good hard condition. Beautifully presented and schooled.

Veteran Dog a VERY hard class to judge – 3 VERY different type’s in attendance.
1st  Slater’s Tihun Parri to Toveri (Imp) This 14 year old could really teach the youngsters a thing or two about soundness. Despite not being overly enthusiastic he was step perfect and like all of this exhibitor’s dogs – was in fabulous condition with great muscle tone.  Light and springy you can see that this dog could happily have run through all sorts of terrain. Very square, great eyes, ears and head shape, his tail was a little loose as one would expect with age.
2nd – Rolfe’s Inkivaari Viljamo – At the top end of the standard he did however have a great outline on the rare occasions he put his tail up. His tail is set too low but another that moved positively and with a lovely expression.  Great coat texture but a little dull on the day.
3rd – Rolfe’s Enkelini Salama – Too much fine living has taken it’s toll on him and obscured his outline making him look almost untypical and this showed in his movement. He does have some very nice breed points and is another with a lovely expression.

Veteran Bitch  This was a hard class as I was really splitting hairs between 1 & 2.
1st – Slater’s CH Valokki Helmi – This 11 year old bitch is ultra feminine and when she moves correctly (did have a tendency to pace) her movement is light and springy though without much drive. She has a very feminine head of nice proportions and expression with nice dark eyes, good ears and lovely neck. Her coat was of a great colour and texture and was in great condition. Had just lost a little sparkle by the challenge.
2nd – Rolfe’s Inkivaari Helli – Today she really pushed 1st all the way. Another feminine little bitch who moved extremely well. Unfortunately her coat was blowing which spoiled the colour and her tail set was not as good as 1st.
3rd – Callaghan Sukunimi Piki – Unfortunately she was somewhat unsettled due to her late arrival but did just enough to obtain her place. Good pigmentation, good angles though could do with losing a few pounds.

Puppy Bitch – 1st and Res Best Bitch – Callaghan’s – Sukunimi Elssa. Was a little unsettled when she first entered the ring but with each class her confidence grew and she just got better and better. Lovely wedge shaped head with nice shaped and placed eyes with good ears. Very square in outline with a text book tail. Great feet and bone. Still very much a baby and I hope she grows on for she will have a great future.

Post Grad Bitch: 1st – Rolfe’s Enkelini Kesa both were very similar in many ways (being litter sisters) and whilst I prefer the head proportions of 2 – 1st had another text book tail and was one of the best movers of the day. In profile movement she was faultless. A little longer cast but acceptable for a bitch, with a coat of good colour though not yet in full coat – however this was advantageous on the day for she could hide nothing.
2nd –Rolfe’s Enkelini Niinkaunis In better coat but her tail is not set quite as high as 1st however similar remarks apply.

Limit Bitch (1,1)

Open Bitch (1,1)

Sp Beginners Bitch – Callaghan’s Sukunimi Elssa

Brace – 1st Rolfe’s  2nd Rolfe’s

Team – Rolfe’s