FSS Open 2016 Critique

Finnish Spitz Society Open Show 29th October 2016

Judge’s Show Critique by Mr Rodney Oldham (Towmena)

I thank the Committee for their kind invitation to judge the Autumn Open Show.  As soon as we arrived I was impressed by the activity going on by the committee and helpers to get everything laid out.  They all seemed very happy in their duties and this atmosphere carried on throughout the show.  In a breed where numbers have declined seriously it was a treat to see that the club is in good hands with such willing and able helpers.  From an entry of 21 dogs just two were absent which I understand was quite good in this day and age.  Type was very varied and I would imagine that since many of those present do not attend shows regularly some of their ringcraft skills were a little rusty and they would have much preferred to have just been meeting up with their siblings.  Several were between coats but what they had were generally harsh and offstanding.  Eyes were a delight, most being of good shape, dark and clean.

PD(1) 1st Hallett Sukunimi Otto, well grown 8 mo shown in good condition and coat, head suitably proportioned with moderate stop, ears well placed and used to advantage, clean neck and shoulders, straight forelimbs with elbows held firm, depth to chest and ribcage developing well, high set tail and gentle turn to stifle, moved true if a little erratic, took quite a while to settle to the job in hand but by the end of the day was showing and moving more steadily to achieve BPIS & RBD, I feel sure he will do even better in the future.

JD(4,1 abs) 1st  Hallett Sukunimi Otto.  2nd Masters Toveri Teppo by Markku, presents a good balanced square profile with masculine yet clean head with lovely eye, strong arched neck, needs to strengthen in front, ribs developing well, slight tuck up, high set tail and carriage, gentle turn to stifle, well mannered and a credit to handler. 3rd North Toveri Tynni from Markku, very well grown and carries plenty of substance, masculine headpiece, eyes dark but a touch bolder than ideal, reasonable front, ribs to develop, good topline and high set tail, gentle turn to stifle, free mover once concentrating, needs more ringcraft experience and socialising.

ND(2,1) 1st  North Toveri Tynni from Markku.

PGD(1) 1st  North Toveri Tynni from Markku.

LD(2,1) 1st  North Toveri Tynni from Markku.

OD(3,1) 1st Rolfe Puulatva The Red Norseman among Inkivaari, very cleanly put together and presents a square outline, head properties are well laid out with lovely dark almond shaped eyes well set, excellent pigmentation, scored with his good straight front, depth to brisket, tight feet, good neck and shoulder, just enough spring to rib, gentle tuck up, high tail carriage, moved out true enough with real purpose.  2nd Piearce Ch Ahonpaan Esko at Sukunimi, upstanding and well constructed, liked his head with super eyes and ears, could still develop a touch in forechest, firm elbows and good feet, level topline with tail set high, could possibly drive out a little more in action.

SpB(1) 1st  Hallett Sukunimi Otto.

VD(2) 1st Rolfe Enkelini Salama, 10yo and very sprightly young man, presents a very square outline with clean head carried on good neck, super almond shaped dark eyes, decent front assembly,  moves out economically, BD.  2nd Slater Ch Valokki Soren, reluctant to be examined so had to pay the price, thought him excellent for type, make and shape with an attractive head and expression, sound mover.

VB(3) 1st Thompson Ch Toveri Piku from Hakojen, compact in an almost square outline, neat head and good expression, has substance appropriate to her size with nothing overstated, slight rise to forehead and gentle stop, super pigmentation, enough forechest to compliment straight forelimbs, gentle spring to ribs and defined waist, excellent topline and high set tail, decent coat, free mover with some drive, BB & BIS.  2nd Slater Valokki Tulikki, similar and also square in outline, lively dark eye, neat ear placement, good pigmentation, some forechest and straight limbs, ribs gently sprung and slight tuck up, excellent tail carriage, free mover who showed well.  3rd Masters Ch Toveri Neiti, strongly built and very sound in action, lovely dark eye and expression, well ribbed and bodied, happy showgirl.

PB(1) 1st Rolfe Enkelini Toivoa, well grown, slightly long caste, head properties to develop, dark eye of good shape, slight stop, straight forelimbs, arch to neck, depth to chest just needing to fill out a touch with maturity, coat rather flat at this stage, steady mover.

JB(3) 1st Morriss Enkelini Kuiskaus, scored in general soundness and conformation, head still needs to break but she has super eyes and neat ears, straight front down to tight feet, arch to neck, ribcage developing gentle spring, defined waist, scored in topline, moderate hindquarters, best mover in this class.  2nd Slater & Hack Valokki Kastehelmi, good for outline, clean through with nothing overdone, dark expressive eye, good pigmentation, very straight forelimbs down to good feet, super neck and carriage, gentle turn to stifle, not in her best coat today.  3rd Byard Valokki Kuura, fairly square in outline, balanced headpiece, moderate stop and clean through muzzle, good pigmentation, straight front, could fill a tad more in ribcage, topline to settle, free enough on the move.

LB(2) 1st Piearce Sukunimi Nettle, very well put together, solid without a hint of exaggeration, head is clean with gentle stop and rise to forehead, good shape to eyes, definite forechest giving good front assembly, firm elbows, good for neck and shoulders, very good topline, moves out true enough with real purpose.  2nd  Byard Valokki Kuura.

OB(3) 1st Thompson Ch Toveri Tuula, 4 yo who is very well balanced in a square frame, super clean neck and shoulder, head well laid out with neat ears and super almond shaped dark eyes, good pigmentation, reasonable forechest, ribs gently sprung, good for topline and tailset, well modelled hindquarters and moves out true, RBIS.  2nd Littlejohn Ch Puulatva Wee Lassie Wae Arcuilean, mature 5yo, outline is fairly square and head carried on a good neck with lively expression, broad chest, elbows held firm, well sprung ribcage, gentle tuck up, scored in topline and coupling, steady mover.  3rd Littlejohn Ch Puulatva Minnie The Minx Wae Arcuilean, well balanced just a tad longer caste than her sister, lovely eye and ear, broad chest, well ribbed up, high tail carriage, decent mover.

Brace(4) 1st Slaters.  2nd Littlejohns. 3rd Masters.