FSS Open 2014 Critique

Finnish Spitz Society Open Show 25th October 2014

Judge’s Show Critique by Mrs Irene Slater (Valokki)

Thank you very much for inviting me to judge the Finnish Spitz Society’s annual Open show.  I must say it was very well organised and everyone involved worked so hard to make sure that it was a success as usual.   I would also like to thank my excellent steward Rob Thompson.   I was very pleased with my entry.   19 dogs were entered with 15 of them present on the day.  Some new puppy owners were at the show, but only watching today.  The breed would benefit tremendously from new exhibitors, so let’s hope for the best in the future!

It was a good cross selection of this beautiful breed.  Quite a few of the dogs, bitches in particular were out of coat.  Generally I would like to see a stronger, masculine male head.  Some stops were slightly too prominent.  I would have preferred some feet to be more round, smaller and cat like.  Although the breed is not a working forest dog here, I still like to see dogs in a fit condition without too much excess weight.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to socialise the dog well from a very early age and believe me this breed is very capable of learning.  Intelligence is actually one of their attributes and they can be easily trained to a good standard.  Generally at this show most dogs behaved well, unlike in some shows where excess barking and misbehaviour of the dogs can be a bit of a problem.  It can be controlled!

Postgraduate Dog  1st Ash’s Pihlaja Jani – a handsome male with good proportions.  Good body and angulations.  A nice underline.  In good coat, slightly on the dark side. Beautiful tail and tail set.  Handsome head.  Moving well, but a bit unsettled today in the ring. 2nd Phillips & Morriss’ Enkelini Myrsky – all in all nice type with a beautiful head.  Slightly longer in body than my winner in the class. A bit of a shy dog so difficult to go over.

Limit Dog  1st Marriott’s Sukunimi Charlie – a very handsome male with good top and underline. Coat and colour is very good.  Beautiful tail and tail set. Good temperament. Good angulations. Nice head and alert expression. Tiny bit of white in the chest. Handled very nicely, however today not moving as briskly as I remember from the past.  Definitely caught my eye today. Best dog & BIS.

Open Dog 1st Rolfe’s Puulatva The Red Norseman Among  Inkivaari – a handsome dog with good proportions. Body close to square.  Out of coat today and slightly lacking in body.  Beautiful tail set. Colour dark. Movement difficult to assess as pulling to the side.

Special Beginners Dog 1st Ash’s Pihlaja Jani. 2nd Phillips & Morriss’ Enkelini Myrsky

Veteran Dog 1st Masters’ Ch Toveri Peni – A very handsome senior boy with great proportions. Good body, almost square.  Good neck, chest and shoulders. Good colour and markings, but out of coat today. Gained a little excess weight with age.  Good temperament, alert expression.  A brisk mover.  Best Veteran.   2nd A. Rolfe’s Enkelini Salama – Another handsome veteran boy, but slightly longer in body than the winner. Airy tail set. Good chest.  Colour dark. Slightly heavy impression. Good temperament.

Veteran Bitch 1st A. Rolfe’s Inkivaari Helli – A very pretty, feminine bitch.  Beautiful head and almond eyes.  Lovely bushy tail.  Nice proportions.  Good expression and temperament. Moves well.

Puppy Bitch 1st Piearce’s Sukunimi Tiger Rosie  – A very promising youngster. Dark colour, good markings. Nice tail set. Good proportions and balance. Beautiful feminine head, eyes and ears. Good temperament and moving well.  BPIS.

Junior Bitch Both youngsters in the class very promising, but somehow standing sluggishly and therefore not coming out with their best qualities. 1st Piearce’s Sukunimi Nettle – lovely feminine youngster with nice proportions and body. Beautiful tail and feet. Nice head and almond eyes. Good temperament, needs slightly more ring craft. 2nd Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Oona – good proportions and nice body. Very nice head, eyes and ears. Good top coat. Lovely feet. Moves well.  When  standing tail set sluggish and rear a bit too high. Both need time to improve.

Novice Bitch 1st Minns & Tan’s Sukunimi Amber – a very welcome new exhibitor.  Good coat and colour. Nicely muscled and nice bone. Tiny white patch on the chest.  Beautiful head all in all. Beautiful tail set. Today giving a slightly heavy impression.  Pleasant temperament.

Post Graduate Bitch 1st A. Rolfe’s Enkelini Niinkaunis – a beautiful bitch with good body, but proportions slightly too long. Tail set sluggish. Nice head. Good temperament and expression. Moves nicely.  RBB    2nd Ash’s Korpi Ella – a charming senior bitch. Good type. Beautiful head. Round eyes. Proportions a bit too long. Beautiful long tail. Today out of coat.

Open Bitch 1st Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Tuula – a very nice feminine bitch with a lovely head, and eyes. A very good type with nice proportions and body. Good top and underline. Nice angulations. Movement beautiful and light.  Nice temperament with alert expression BOS & RBIS.   2nd Masters’ Ch Toveri Neiti – another very nice bitch, however carrying too much weight. Lovely straight feet and good angulations. Beautiful head. Beautiful tail set.

Special Beginners Bitch 1st Minns & Tan’s Sukunimi Amber.

Brace 1st Mr & Mrs Master’s Brace – a very good synchronised pair. Standing proudly upright.  Moving together briskly. Handled beautifully.  2nd Ash’s Brace.  3rd Rolfe’s Brace.

Team 1st A. Rolfe’s Team – A great pleasure watching this team handled. Lovely matching triplet. All moving beautifully together . Standing  alert.