The Finnish Spitz Society held an open show where BIS was Valokki Soren; RBIS, Ch Toveri Pimu; BP, Toveri Tuula; & BV, Ch Toveri Samppanja.

A very enjoyable day with a small dedicated team of Finnish Spitz enthusiasts. The entry was affected by the number of absentees, proving difficult in some classes to judge to a type, but I was more than pleased with my worthy winners.

VD (0). PGD (3) 1 Rolfe’s Puulatva The Red Norseman among Inkivaari, well proportioned young male, good length to neck, eyes of correct shape, ears of good size & placed well, level back, tailset very well & curls correctly. Pleasing coat, enough bone. A little unruly but did enough. RBD; 2 Honisett’s Valokki Vihtori Veli, bigger than 1 but a better colour. Slightly longer cast than I would like. Balanced head, well proportioned, showed & moved well; 3 Ash’s Pihlaja Jani. LD (6) 1 Hardwick& Slater’s Valokki Soren, very eyecatching, proud bold stance, showing balance between front & rear, strong level topline, enough tuck up. Quality head, correct width & length, dark well set eyes, strong bone, well placed shoulders, moved well. Coat in process of coming back after a moult, did not detract from this quality male. BIS. OD (3) 1 Thompson & Cavill’s Ch Kullervon Arras with Toveri, a worthy ch, correct outline, strong wedge head, good shoulders. A better colour & coat texture than 2 but movement a little erratic; 2 Rolfe’s Enkelini Salama, heavier head than 1 & slightly short in muzzle. Level topline, good spring to ribs, well off for bone. Not moving well. BD (1) 1 V Vihtori Veli. VD (3) 1 Rolfe’s Inkivaari Viljamo, 8 years, in good coat, showed very well. Liked his body shape, short back, good spring to rib. Ears slightly wide set. Strong limbs& neat feet.

VB (3) 1 Thompson& Cavill’s Ch Toveri Samppanja, a fine example of how this breed can last. Showing poise & balance, strong movement, pleasing head & neck, level topline, coat of correct texture & lovely colour. BV; 2 Rolfe’s Inkivaari Helli, not quite the colour or topline of 1 but still a credit to the breed. Correct wedge head, pleasing expression, well boned, moved OK. Both veterans had good dentition. PB (1) 1 Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Tuula, very nice puppy of just 6 months, stood& showed really well for handler. So much to like, pleasing head, good earset, good shoulders, right amount of body & height for age, shows a lot of promise for the future. BPIS. LB (4) 1 Mortimer & Taylor’s Toveri Maikki, young bitch, lovely feminine expression, good neck into level topline, good length of leg. Slightly longer than I would like. Moved out really well, strong in rear, tail has correct set & curl; 2 Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Piku from Hakojen, better outline when standing than 1 but movement not as positive. Good body shape, well sprung ribs, lovely coat colour. OB (2) 1 Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Pimu, pleasing bitch, so well balanced standing & moving, excelled in body shape, very typical head, dark expressive eyes, muzzle of good length & width, tidy in front & strong in rear, neat well shaped feet, showed very well. BB & RBIS. BB (1) 1 T Maikki. Brace (0). Team 1 Thompson & Cavill, a fine trio, good representatives of the breed, well handled.