FSS Championship 2014 critique

Finnish Spitz Society Championship Show 15th June 2014

Judge’s Show Critique by Mr Reino Korpela (Finland)


The show was excellently organised. The place was very suitable for the size of show. Judging took place outside which is the most appropriate environment for this breed. The exhibits, especially those winning top honours, were of high quality. The dogs were well handled and they showed and behaved well during the show. All the dogs let the judge go over them and look at their teeth. The exhibitors, ring steward and committee were friendly and cheerful. It was a lovely day and I want to thank all who participated in this show.

Post Graduate D (2)
1st Ash’s Pihlaja Jani; Very good type, dark red slightly smaller than middle-size upstanding male. Good head and proportions. Satisfactory strong body and bone with good angulation. Good coat and tail. Efficient mover. Behaved well.
2nd Phillips & Morriss’ Enkelini Myrsky; Middle size, good type dog slightly long in body. Good head, medium strength body rather light in bone. Good colour. Movement a little sluggish, tail down.

Limit D (6, 1a)
1st Res CC, Montgomery’s Pettukangas Karu for Toveri; correct size, compact build, good proportions. Handsome masculine head, a little black on underjaw.  Correct strong body. Medium bone, good angulation. Good coat and tail, moved well.
2nd Knight’s Toveri Turo of Lelaps; Correct size, good proportions. Handsome head medium strong body. Light bone, good angulation, hindlegs turned out slightly. Good coat and tail. Could have moved better today.

Open D (4, 1a)
1st  CC and Res BIS Dalley’s Ch Toveri Markku; Middle sized, correct strength and proportions. Handsome head and good eyes. Well-proportioned body and limb structure. Good coat and colour. Moved beautifully. Behaved pleasantly.
2nd Piearce’s Ch Sukunimi Koda, Middle size, proportions a bit too long. Good head. Satisfactory strength of body, bone and angulation. Good coat and tail. Easy movement. Has some white on the chest.

Special Beginners D (1)
1st Honisett’s Valokki Vihtori Veli, Dark brown. Proportions slightly too long. Handsome head and good eyes. Good body structure, OK bone, back legs should be more angulated. Good tail and coat, light on the move, behaved well.

Veteran D (5)
1st Masters’ Ch Toveri Peni, Good size and proportioned male. Slightly light in head. Good body and legs. Good coat. Tail of sufficient length and good set and shape. Moved well.
2nd Harmer’s Sukunimi Matias, Middle sized, good proportions. Handsome head but light coloured eyes. Medium strength body, good legs. Slightly short tail. Losing his coat. Moved rather stiffly.

Veteran B (2)
1st CC, BOB and BIS Thompson & Cavill’s Ch Toveri Pimu, excellent type and correct size. Good proportions and colour. Beautiful light head with good eyes and ears. Excellent body. Good all-over legs and feet. Excellent curve of tail. Good coat and temperament. Moved well.
2nd Rolfe’s Inkivaari Helli; brown-red, middle size slightly fat condition bitch. Pretty head and good eyes. Strong body. Slightly light bone. Good angulation, tail and coat. Moves and behaves in a balanced manner.

Puppy B (3)
1st Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Oona; very well developed puppy with correct proportions. Still light in head. Satisfactory strength of body. Good legs and feet. Good coat and tail. Balanced movement.
2nd Piearce’s Sukunimi Nettle; mid-red, middle sized, good proportions. Good head, ears a bit big. Good body, rather light bone. Good coat and movement, pleasant behaviour.

Post Graduate B (2)
1st Rolfe’s Enkelini Niinkaunis; strong type, rather sturdy bitch with good head with rather light eyes. Strong body. Good coat and colour. Good tail. Moved and behaved well.
2nd Mansfield’s Sukunimi Kyri of Yoivo; big, light in build, too high on the leg shows too much light beneath the underline, good head. Too light in body and bone. Rather short coat. Good tail. Not totally balanced in movement.

Limit B (2)
1st Thompson & Cavill’s Toveri Tuula, good for size, elegant typical bitch with good head. Slightly strong stop. Good body and bone. Well-set tail. Slightly short on coat. Moved beautifully.
2nd Slater & Mortimore’s Valokki Venla Sisko, on the large side and a little too long in body. Too light in head.  Good bone in body and forelegs, too straight in rear angulation. Moves with rather short steps. Good coat, colour and tail.

Open B (5)
1st, Res CC Littlejohn’s Ch Puulatva Minnie The Minx Wae Arculean; Excellent type and proportions. Appealing expression. Compact, strong body. Good limbs and tail. Good coat and moved well.
2nd Thompson & Cavill’s Ch Toveri Piku from Hakojen; slightly smaller than medium size, square with good posture with beautiful little head. Good body. Good legs and feet. Tail slightly high, behaved and moved in lively fashion.

Brace (4)
1st Masters
2nd Littlejohn