FSS Ch Show 2018 Special Awards Classes Critique

Finnish Spitz Society Championship Show  Sunday 17th June 2018

Critique of the Special Awards classes by Judge Mrs Clare Masters

Thank you to the Finnish Spitz Society for the opportunity to judge both the Special Awards classes (for up and coming judges) and the Junior Handling at their 37th Championship show.  It was wonderful to have so many dogs to judge when entries at others shows are so small, Thank you to those exhibitors who entered under me.

Special Junior Dog or Bitch

1st Valokki Sini, 16 month old bitch, with a pretty and feminine appearance, Nice shaped head lovely almond shape eye with dark pigmentation, slightly set apart ears but, they were neat and very mobile as you would expect of the breed. She has a nice profile showing good depth of chest for her age and tucked tummy, sufficient bone to her straight forequarters   and good angulation to her hindquarters. Good length to her tail. She showed an even movement with a straight top line and if moved a little faster I think she would have really stride out to her full advantage.

2nd Valokki Sampo, 1 ½ Year old girl who was much finer all over than my first place and just needs time to develop, but still a pretty little bitch. Good dark eye colour and pigmentation to nose and lips again ears set apart, straight parallel forequarters with neat feet. Had a tendency to lean forward into her lead when standing which made her hind legs appear too straight, however, her movement was light and springy and her hindquarters going away from me showed  good placement with a long back kick. Tail appeared tighter than 1.

Special Open Dog or Bitch

1st Ch. Toveri Tuula, 6 year old bitch, , very well balanced throughout, beautiful  profile showing the  classic appearance of a finish spitz.  Lovely neck and shoulder, pretty head and expression with neat well placed mobile ears, deep pigmentation of her nose and lips and almond eyes. Good  straight front with tidy  feet, good angulation of hindquarters  and straight top line, all giving a lovely  even fluid movement, really enjoyed watching  her stride out in profile.

2nd Valokki Kastehelmi, 3 year old bitch, another nice girl with nice outline, lovely length of tail, good depth of chest giving well defined front (which personally I would want no wider) nice rear angulation, again lovely deep colouring to the eyes nose and lips, good top line and movement well handled.

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st Ch. Toveri Piku by Hakojen, 11 year old bitch giving nothing away by age, Compact almost perfect square outline, excellent top line with a  high tail set, Slight rise to forehead with gentle stop, wonderful deep pigmentation throughout. Lovely chest with straight forelegs, light spring to her ribs, good definition to her waist.   Really lovey mover still striding out and thoroughly enjoyed her day. A pleasure to see.

2nd Enkelini Salama 12 year old male and my only male pick. A lovely old gentleman, who still shows off a very nice masculine square outline, good pigmentation to nose, lips and eyes which are a lovely almond shape, beautiful neat tidy well placed mobile ears.  Nice top line and a good depth of chest giving a nice front slightly turned out hocks when standing. Having said that he was a good solid mover and another veteran who appeared to really enjoy himself.

Junior Handling

We were all new to dog showing once upon a time and it is not easy to step into the spotlight, control your nerves and your dog and then remember what it is you are supposed to do.

It was so lovely to see these young people entering into the show and I applaud their courage.

Junior Handling age 6-11 Years

1st  Miss Lia Dardis Green.   Lia has the potential to be a lovely handler, she was able to show me her dog’s teeth, and she was able to answer a couple of questions about the breed, and told me how she cares for her dog. She followed my instructions to her in the ring and showed her dog well giving encouragement and praise when needed.

Junior Handling age 12-16 Years

1st Miss Ellen Hack.  Ellen is becoming an accomplished handler; she was able to stand her dog while I went over it and was also able to show me the teeth herself. She answered confidently when I asked her a couple of breed related questions and also explained how she cares for her dog on a daily basis. She listened carefully and moved her dog in a professional manner exactly as I had asked her to do using the ring to her dog’s full advantage. She constantly encouraged and praised her dog all the way around the ring and this reflected down the lead to a well moving dog that was obviously enjoying her time in the ring. Well done Ellen.

2nd Master David Cherry.  David is another capable handler, he also showed his dog well, and he was able to show me his dog’s teeth confidently and held his dog well as I went over it. He tentatively answered a couple of questions about the breed but came alive when he shared how he cares for his dog. A bit more confidence and practice needed.