Finnish Spitz Show List 2015

This is a List of all UK dog shows known to be holding specific classes for Finnish Spitz in 2015. However, it may not be exhaustive. It is possible that other Open Shows will have one or more classes for the breed. Changes are possible and you are advised to check the dates and other details if you intend to enter. If you wish to see a monthly Calendar view of Shows and Events, click here.

Championship Shows – the number of Challenge Certificates awarded for Finnish Spitz are shown in brackets (0) or (2),

Schedules, entry forms, and other details for all General Championship shows and many Open shows can be viewed or downloaded at either Fosse Data, Higham Press, or Arena/Zooza websites when available. Entries and payments can also be made online at either Fosse Data,, or Zooza sites. To view details on those sites click on “Higham”, “Fosse”, or “Arena” in the “Entries” column. If you prefer to send your entries and payments by post, printed show schedules can be picked up at many dog shows or obtained from the Show Secretary. A list of all General and Group Championship Shows in 2015 with contact details can be viewed on the Kennel Club website here (but please note that this list also includes shows without classes for Finnish Spitz).

For entries to the Specialist breed shows organised by Finnish Spitz Society and Finnish Spitz Club and for other Open shows, please contact the respective Honorary Secretaries. Contact details for these are shown in this Contacts list. Online entry and Schedule downloads for the Finnish Spitz Society Ch. Show are now available via Arena Print / Zooza here  Online entries can be made and Schedules downloaded at Fosse Data for shows organised by the Finnish Spitz Club.

For a list of links to Results for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Shows, click here.  For other information about Shows in other years: click 2013  2014  2016

In this table, some show dates are still to be confirmed (?) and some names of Judges are still to be announced (tba).  If you can help with any of this uncertain or missing information, please let us know.


                        Championship Shows (no. of CCs) Specialist Breed Shows Open Shows – General or Hound Group

Show Day Date Judge Show Location Entries
Manchester (2) Thu 15 January 2015 Mrs E Anne Macdonald Stafford Higham
Crufts (2) Sat 7 March 2015 Mrs Z Thorn-Andrews Birmingham NEC Fosse
Houndshow Open Sun 22 March 2015 Mr A Rees Ryton Nr Coventry Fosse
South West Hound Club Mon 6 April 2015 Mr M Vines Bristol Fosse
Hound Assoc of Scotland (0) Sat 11 April 2015 Mrs F Findlay Kelso Fosse
Humberside Hound Assoc Sat 18 April 2015 Mr R Dobson Hull Contacts
WELKS (2) Sat 25 April 2015 Mrs Wendy A Sharman Malvern Fosse
Birmingham – National (2) Sat 9 May 2015 Mr Neville Simms Stafford Higham
Scottish Kennel Club (2) Sat 16 May 2015 Mrs Brenda Williams Nr Edinburgh Higham
Tyne, Wear & Tees Hound Assoc Sat 23 May 2015 Mr D Foran Nr Durham Contacts
Bath (0) Mon 25 May 2015 Mrs Hannah Thompson Nr Bath Higham
Southern Counties (0) Sat 30 May 2015 Mr H Lehkonen (Finland) Nr Newbury Fosse
Hound Club of East Anglia Sun 7 June 2015 Ms Abby Rolfe Peterborough Fosse
Finnish Spitz Society (Championship) (2) Sun 14 June 2015 Mrs Thelma Morgan-Brough Corley Nr Coventry Arena
Blackpool (2) Sat 27 June 2015 Mr Kari Järvinen (Finland) Nr Blackpool Fosse
Windsor () Sun 5 July 2015 No FS classes in 2015
Kingston Canine Society Sun 19 July 2015 Mr Tim Ball Ardingly, Sussex Fosse
Hound Association (2) Sat 1 August 2015 Mr Gerard Hickey Stafford Higham
Bournemouth (2) Sun 9 August 2015 Mr Espen Engh (Norway) Wareham, Dorset Higham
South West Hound Club Sun 9 August 2015 Miss Bettina Adams Wareham, Dorset Higham
Welsh Kennel Club (2) Fri 21 August 2015 Mr Robert Greaves Builth Wells Higham
Leicester City Canine Society Mon 31 August 2015 No FS classes in 2015 Ryton, Nr. Coventry Fosse
City of Birmingham (2) Fri 4 September 2015 Mr Rony Doedijns (Netherlands) Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire Higham
Richmond (2) Fri 11 September 2015 Mr Frank Kane Nr Guildford Higham
Darlington (0) Fri 18 September 2015 Mrs B Banbury Ripon Higham
Finnish Spitz Club (Championship) (2) Sat 3 October 2015 Mr CK Thornton Baginton, nr. Coventry Fosse
Finnish Spitz Society (Open) Sat 24 October 2015 Mrs Hazel Fitzgibbon Corley Nr Coventry Contacts
Humberside Hound Assoc Sat 21 November 2015 Mr Gerald Mitchell Hull Contacts
Nordic (Open – hosted by FS Club) Sat 21 November 2015 Mrs Irene Slater Ryton Nr Coventry Contacts
Tyne, Wear & Tees Hound Assoc Sat 28 November 2015 Miss Sharon Rossiter Nr Durham Contacts
Hound Club of East Anglia Sun 29 November 2015 Ms Marion Sargent Nr Huntingdon Contacts
LKA (2) Sun 13 December 2015 Mr Jeff Horswell Birmingham NEC Higham
Stourbridge & District Canine Society Sun 27 December 2015 Mr William Croxford Worcester Fosse